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Yoga Meditation Bowl

Yoga Meditation Bowl

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Elevate your yoga and meditation sessions with our Yoga Meditation Bowl, designed to enhance your practice through sound healing. This bowl is expertly crafted to produce deep, resonant tones that promote relaxation and achieve a meditative state. Its elegant design fits seamlessly into any space, serving as a functional and decorative tool. Ideal for use in yoga studios, meditation corners, or personal wellness areas, our Yoga Meditation Bowl helps align your energies and deepen your connection to your practice.

Product name: Tibet Song Bowl

(Random colour of the mat )
Material: ring copper
Purpose: Home furnishings, play collection, yoga supplies
Craft: hand-polished
Accessories: bowl mat, small wooden stick
Small caliber: 8.5 cm height: 4.0 cm
Medium calibre: 9.5 cm height, 4.2 cm
Large diameter: 10.5 cm Height: 5.3 cm
Note: Dimensions and weights are all manually measured, with specific errors. Please refer to the actual product.

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