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Moon Goddess Tapestry

Moon Goddess Tapestry

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Celebrate the divine feminine with our Moon Goddess Tapestry. This exquisite art depicts a serene Moon Goddess, symbolizing wisdom, intuition, and the cycles of life and nature. Set against a backdrop of a starlit sky and a luminous full moon, the tapestry’s design radiates a calming, mystical presence. Crafted from high-quality fabric, this tapestry is durable and soft, making it an ideal addition to any space seeking spiritual elegance. Hang it in your meditation room, bedroom, or living area to inspire daily reflections and bring peace and harmony to your environment.

60" x 80" Wall Tapestry, 20.81Oz, Soft, Durable, For Indoor/Outdoor Use, Full Color Printing, Multiple Uses, Easy to Hang, Machine Washable, Sizes and Image Requirements Provided.


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