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Handmade Sage Spice Meditation Rope

Handmade Sage Spice Meditation Rope

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Infuse your meditation practice with the purifying aroma of our Handmade Sage Spice Meditation Rope. This unique item is meticulously crafted from natural rope, intertwined with dried sage and a blend of aromatic spices, designed to enhance your meditation and relaxation sessions. As you burn this rope, the gentle smoke releases a calming, herbal fragrance that cleanses the space of negative energy, promotes a sense of peace, and deepens your meditative state. Each rope is a testament to skilled handcrafting and spiritual heritage and is ideal for use in ritual practices, yoga sessions, or to create a soothing atmosphere at home.

Product information:

Model: Handmade Rope Fragrance
Fragrance: 【 White sage 】 Small size 【 Annika 】 Small size 【 Meditation 】 Small size 【 Shen Dan 】 Small size 【 White sage 】 Large size 【 Annika 】 Large size 【 Meditation 】 Large size 【 Sandalwood 】 【 Frankincense 】
Weight (g): 36g
Effect: Soothing the mind
Product category: Huohuoxiang

Packing list:

Rope fragrance * 1set

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